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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tough Times

What do we do when we begin to have tough times?

As we begin to get older things happen, things that we sometimes can't control. Things like frustration, aggavation and fear. I can honestly say that fear is the number one threat to the youth. Fear is still something that I battle with everyday and it does not get any better. Something new comes my way everyday and I sometimes can't handle it and the next thing I know I'm making myself sick and depress by worrying myself crazy. Instead of just sitting back and taking a deep breath. One thing that I learned over the years is to just be patient and let God do his work. We must not give up on hope and instead of saying It's too hard or I will never be able to get there say to yourself " I can get there, and one day I will have it in time." Pray young people... Pray!!! God hears you.

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